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It's been a long, long time - but after my exams, Edmund and Darrell Episode 4: The Supermarket is here!

I really hope you enjoy it! It's been a fun one to make, I hope that shows!

As always, your ratings, comments and reviews are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing what you guys think!

Just uploaded the third episode of Edmund and Darrell!
Watch it now:

It's great to see it finally out there in the world!
Remember to leave a review and rating - I appreciate nothing more than your feedback!

Huge thanks goes out to you guys for supporting me all this time!

Movin' On Up!

2010-03-17 17:41:02 by CarrotCakeStudios

I'd like to be sorry, for... Well - creating a new account. I'm here to start fresh!
For those who want my old stuff, the old animations are to be found at

But for now, Keep rocking!